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Marie the Psychic

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I have been a psychic all my life. One of my earliest memories was as a child of 5 saying to my mother, "Do you remember when I was a baby sitting on your lap in a restaurant in New York. You, daddy and a lady named Helen were talking and you were pretty in a white blouse and black skirt."

My mother turned pale, her eyes popped out of her head, and the hair on her arms stood up. She was visibly shaken as I continued to recount the incident and the conversation she and my dad were having in vivid detail.

Finally, she asked me how I knew about Helen. No one but she and my father knew this story. And besides, she was 7 months pregnant -- with me!

She then declared, "Never speak of this again, to anyone!"

Well of course, when one is psychically gifted, one cannot control it. I was continually hearing voices, seeing people who had crossed-over, as well as getting messages from them. I was able to accurately interpret dreams. And always able to predict the future.

As a sickly, bed-ridden sensitive child running high fevers, my family attributed my abilities to hallucinations, brought on by various medication. They ordered me to keep my thoughts to myself.

As a teenager, I begged one of my friends not to go out on a particular Friday evening with his friends, as was his custom. He finally agreed not to go. Ultimately, there was a horrible accident, injuring everyone in the car. There was, however, one fatality. The boy killed was sitting in the seat my friend would have normally occupied, had he joined the group that evening. My friend was, of course, saddened by the death but grateful to have listened to me and averting a tragic death.

Events and incidents like these continue to happen -- often.

I would also see future weddings, births, pleasant events, as well as unexpected visits from various family, even some from outside the country.

My family began to think I was nuts or possessed. They once again insisted I keep these revelations to myself.

Now that I am wiser and have studied the psychic sciences along with other gifted students and teachers from many countries and cultures, as well as meditation and eastern religions and philosophies, my gifts have grown stronger through the years.

I also realize that this is a cherished gift from God to be shared with others like you.

I have continued to develop my healing abilities which have also been a lifelong gift. My family now believes that there are many things which we cannot explain, but that are very real indeed. They even call upon me to look into future and channel healing energy when they fall ill.

I consider it a blessing and an honor to be an instrument for God's work.

I look forward to serving you.

I MAY BE REACHED AT 413-736-5247 AND 917-748-5221