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Marie the Psychic

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Read what others have said about Marie the Psychic:

"I recently had the opportunity to have a reading by Marie Mannino, and was pleasantly surprised when my initial skepticism vanished in the first few minutes. Marie's observations of what was currently happening in my life were so right on target that I got goosebumps. I couldn't believe that this woman, who did not know me, had so many specifics on my life. It has been several months since my first reading, and almost everything Marie saw has occurred. When one specific prediction happened this week, I immediately thought of Marie and knew I had to call her and see what my future holds."

-- Christine, Producer/New York, NY

"Marie Mannino has been reading for me for many years. She has successfully predicted major events in my career as well as uncannily tuning-into personal situations in my life. Her accuracy regarding romance for me has been beyond belief. What a great friend and guide."
-- Vicki Lewis, Actress ("Three Sisters" NBC)/Los Angeles, CA

"Marie Mannino has been giving me spiritual advice and guidance for over three years. Her presence is calming and after visiting or speaking to her, you're left with a peacefullness which surrounds you. Her gift of guidance from your spirit guides and angels, along with hers, is remarkable. Her honesty in her visions, her passion for you to get the most from your reading, and her sincerity to help guide you to listen to your intuition is far beyond your imagination. She is truly blessed with her psychic abilities. Marie also does in-home readings, so I usually gather around 8-10 people at my home for these. My friends constantly call and ask me when she is due to come back as they too find her psychic abilities incredibly accurate."

-- Edie, Healthcare Administrator/Meridan, CT

"When I met Marie Mannino, I felt as though she was looking into my soul. During the reading, I realized that she was! Her incredible ability to accurately predict future events is unbelievable. Her sensitivity in the way she presents information is heartwarming."

-- Mario Cantone, Actor ("Sex and the City" HBO)/New York, NY

"Dear Marie, I thought you would like to know just how wonderfully your special gift has affected my well-being. After talking with you, I was able to constructively channel my thoughts and refocus from saddened, anxious and unsure, to positive and even 'happy.' Thanks so much for your insight! The inner-peace you brought to me is worth a million. I'm convinced that you are my guardian angel!!"

-- Marshall/Mumbai, INDIA

"Dear Marie, Hey thanks again! The advice you gave me at the party regarding my investments saved my life. I can't believe how insightful you were regarding my closely guarded business venture. I'm glad I listened to you even though I didn't believe someone who didn't know me, or anything about me, could forsee such good fortune in such an uncertain market."

-- Peter/Los Angeles, CA

"Marie Mannino's approach is confident, warm and embracing. I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to avail myself of Marie's amazing healing energy after cancer surgery. She was able to transmit to me a sense of deep peace and freedom from fear using prayer, color visualizations, imagery and rituals relating to my religion of origin. We are presently working with color therapy for a vision problem. Because of Marie, I now celebrate my existence with joy!"

-- Sylvia, Interior Designer/Northampton, MA

I MAY BE REACHED AT 413-736-5247 AND 917-748-5221