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Marie the Psychic

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Marie Mannino's Interviews and Reviews

Guest Lecturer, Psychical Awareness & Research Association: Spoke on Spiritual Quality of Herbs and Aroma Therapy, Springfield, MA

Guest Speaker on The Auntie Lynn Psychic Radio Program: Marie spoke about Kabbalah and psychic phenomena. Listeners called in and Marie answered psychic questions regarding Kabbalah, Fairfield, CT

Guest Speaker & Psychic Expert on The Ruth Burnett TV Show, New Haven, CT

Speaker & Lecturer, Older Women's League (OWL) - spoke on the psychic sciences, question and answer period, Westfield, MA

Guest Speaker/ psychic demonstrations, & healer, The Cynthia Berkowitz TV Show, Bloomfield, CT

Women in Law Enforcement - spoke on Psychic Sciences / Psychic Self Defense, Springfield, MA

Marie was a featured guest on a TV panel talk show with various religious leaders discussing psychic and healing traditions, Southern CT

Guest on The Bax and O'Brien radio show. Listeners called in and had psychic questions answered by Marie, Springfield, MA

PHD Psychic Fairs, weekly lectures on Healing and Visualization, Southern CT

Marie wrote and led healing meditations & visualizations with Jewish Symbolism and led healing circles with Rabbi Herbert Schwartz & Cantor Morton Shames. Marie Created rituals for healing, Temple Beth El, Springfield, MA

Resident Psychic, Healer and Ritual Creator & taught Kabballah, The Elements of Life Bookstore. New Haven, CT

Resident Psychic, Ricardo Rojas Salon, New York City

Mario Cantone, of Sex and the City KISSED! What did Marie the Psychic TELL???


Resident Psychic for cast party of the musical Chicago, New York City

Featured Psychic at Kenneth Cole, New York City

Featured Psychic at Tulips and Pansies. The Headdress Affair (event was sponsored by Village Care of New York) - New York City

Guest, The Barry Z Show, New York City

Psychic Metropolitan Montessori School Fundraiser, New York City

Resident Psychic, Jewish Repertory Theatre, New York City

Psychic Consultations - Sex and the City party, New York City

Springfield Union News - full page article featuring Marie, Psychic & Healer, Springfield, MA

Featured Psychic - International Visions Expo, New York City

Featured Psychic - Fashion Week, New York City

I MAY BE REACHED AT 413-736-5247 AND 917-748-5221