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Marie the Psychic

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My work unifies extensive scientific knowledge with spiritual experience and intuitive wisdom. A licensed aesthetician with a background as a medical assistant, I offer my clients a unique blend of healing arts.

I participate in the "Look Good Feel Better Program" endorsed by the American Cancer Society and volunteer at the Connecticut Center for Holistic Health, channeling healing energy to people who are facing HIV, cancer and chronic illness.

My professional and inner life experiences over the years have led me to recognize and honor the spiritual dimensions of life, the body and the healing process.

Recognizing that healing takes place on a variety of levels and speeds, I have developed my work so that it reflects an integration of body, mind, soul and spirit. Incorporating therapeutic touch, breath work, electromagnetic field balancing, guided imagery, stress reduction and relaxation practices, affirmations and meditation. I touch people on many levels. Deeply respectful of each person's path of healing, I find myself asking inwardly as well as outwardly for permission to heal.

As I work, I experience a great connectedness to the universal life force, realizing that the client is the real physician, the real healer. The power that is unleashed in the healing process is their own power.

I feel grateful to assist in the process.

"I touch people on many levels."

healing hands

I MAY BE REACHED AT 413-736-5247 AND 917-748-5221